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Vlad Sokolovskiy (Всеволод Андреевич Соколовский), born 24 September 1991 in Moscow, is a Russian singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and TV host. In the past he performed as a dancer in Todes ballet and as a singer in BiS duo. He is currently a solo singer working in R&B/euro-pop eclectic style.He started performing at the age of 3 in a video clip with Filip Kirkorov "Zayka moya" (My Bunny). In 1996 he started studying dance at the Art School and continued at studio Todes. In 2001 he recorded his first big hit "Red-haired Up". In 2002 and 2004 he performed in music and circus show Peter Pan based on the J. M. Barrie story. In 2004 he plays in the musical "Holiday of Disobedience" based on S. Mikha... read more