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If This Isn't a Dream... 1985-1989
If This Isn't a Dream... 1985-1989
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1.raging late Black Flag worship from Virulence, the band that would become Fu Manchu2. In 1993, the fledgling death metal genre was introduced to jazz with the releases of Pestilence, Atheist, and Cynic. Of course, these bands, along with Exit-13 to name another jazz-grind hybrid, never made it past their introductory offerings of avant-garde jazz metal as the majority of the closeminded metal scene scorned and shunned these bands completely as devoid of brutality, too complex, and too weird. At that time death metal was in its middle stages, and growing slowly in terms of experimination and acceptance of expanding the then fixed death metal boundaries. By 1998, and up to the present day 2001, with the overtly technical death met... read more
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