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The Death/Thrash Metal outfit VII ARCANO is located in ROME, ITALY ca. 1989, born as a death/doom band named SEPOLCRUM, hitting the roman death metal underground in the first Italian Death Metal years. New monicker appears in 1994, on the first ltd 7” ep "Gather My Blood Forever", 2 tracks of gloomy and depressive metal. Founder guitarplayer ROBERTO CUFARO and bassplayer MARCO MONTAGNA soon choose to renew the whole project to give VII ARCANO a new renaissance, so a new band is set up and rehearsed until it reaches its climax: vocalist MIRKO SCARPA (a great resource of rage, throat, and endlessly flow of speech) from underground deathsters OMICRON, and drummer GILLES SCHEMBRI from PILGRIM join the crew to shape the s... read more