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Light the Black Flame
Light the Black Flame
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Vergelmer was formed out of the ashes of the death metal band Abemal in June 1993. They recorded some rehearsal tracks before finally releasing their debut album through Cacophonous Records in 1997. They then broke up in 1998. They had also recorded one mini album called "Origo Malitiae" at the same time which was supposed to have been released as a split cd with Sigh but since Cacophonous more or less went bankrupt it never became reality. Instead the later deleted material was released through the American Ultima Comparatio Productions in 2000, the same guy behind the magazine Ultima Comparatio. Cacophonous biography 1996 Formed in June 1993, Vergelmer were spawned from the ashes of Swedeish Death Metal band, Abema... read more