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Vein Cat - (real name: Daniel Wrotniewski) live-acting music producer, composer, writer and vocalist.From creative expieriences with cold wave music and avant-garde art, alternative theatre and literature, spatial drum'n'bass and electronic methods of sound making.Through the London clubs, where he found his music harbour in new wave of electro - directly in the arms rapturously responsive audience of Shanghai, Beijing, Cracow, Warsaw and more ….Always LIVE , always GENUINELY.Simply… Vein Cat.Highlights stages:4 Life Underground - ShanghaiTango - BeijingCyber Buffs - LondonFolia Concept Club - CracowSaturator - WarsawBarbieBar - WarsawDroga Do Mekki - WroclawJazzGa - LodzŹródło - KatowiceMózg - BydgoszczL... read more