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The Night
The Night
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Monica Stucchi (born 28 May 1962), best known as Valerie Dore, is an entertainer of French and Italian descent, born in Monte Carlo living in Milan, Italy. She rose to fame when Italo disco - New wave dominated the charts (1983 - 1988)with a project of the same name and became an influence for many European disco acts that followed. Italo revival act Sally Shapiro, whose d├ębut album Disco Romance saw its release in late 2007, has cited Valerie as a primary influence.Early career:Stucchi was a fashion model when she was discovered at the age of 22 by the famous music family Nicolosi (Lino, Pino and Rossana Nicolosi) and Roberto Gasparini in order to serve as the performer of their project "Valerie Dore", and its first... read more
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