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V6 is a six member Japanese boy band formed by Johnny & Associates. They debuted on November 1, 1995 with their first CD-Single "MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE". As they are 'idols', each member takes part in a variety of activities - as well as singing, they appear in TV dramas, variety shows, host radio programmes etc. Due to the difference in age between the six members, sub-units were formed within the group. The three oldest members formed 20th Century (Tonisen, in short) whilst the youngest three formed Coming Century (Kamisen, in short).20th Century contains : 坂本昌行 (Sakamoto Masayuki, 24 July 1971, Tokyo)長野博 (Nagano Hiroshi, 09 October 1972, Kanagawa)井ノ原快彦 (Inohara Yoshihiko, 17 May 1976, Tokyo)Coming Cent... read more
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