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Ultra Bra was a Finnish band, formed in 1994 by Olli Virtaperko and Kerkko Koskinen and disbanded in 2001. Originally they formed for a political song contest, which the band won, and got some studio time to record a demo tape. On the tape performed, among others, Maija Vilkkumaa who later became a succesful solo artist. It was no one's intention to create a band, but after winning the contest, some of the members decided to continue creating music together.Ultra Bra was a rather large band, consisting of three female (Terhi Kokkonen, Vuokko Hovatta and Anna Tulusto who left after 'Kroketti') and two male singers (Arto Talme and Olli Virtaperko), a pianist (Kerkko Koskinen), a drummer (Antti Lehtinen), a guitari... read more