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Trickywi, also known as Nephasis, Nepha or Tricky (birthday: August 23) is an American independent VTuber (Virtual YouTuber). Prior to her VTuber debut on July 23, 2021, Trickywi was a Pokémon YouTuber and would make videos of Pokémon episodes, playthroughs, lists, her opinions on Pokémon, what inspired certain Pokémon and miscellaneous details related to the franchise. She would also make videos of herself playing the piano, which was entirely self-taught.After she debuted as a VTuber, she began uploading Twitch highlights to her second channel, though she reserved her original channel for uploading original music starting with Perish Song, which also credited YZYX as a producer, and her debut stream. Her content has shifted... read more
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