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TAB At the TAB (Live)
TAB At the TAB (Live)
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With the retirement of acclaimed resuscitators of the Jam band scene, Phish, ex-frontman Ernest "Trey" Anastasio continues to tour with his latest project, the Trey Anastasio Band (not to be confused with his other project which toured form 1999-2004), otherwise known as TAB. TAB is mostly made up of his backing band from his 2005 tour, 70 Volt Parade, including keyboardist Ray Paczkowski. While the overall feel of this band is much along the lines of Phish-style jams with Trey taking the reins while the band backs him up, the style of the music is a little more accessible, and not as eccentric and signature as Phish songs. Using a brass section Trey brings a whole new extension of sounds to play with in the band's ja... read more