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Vintage Slide Collections From Seattle, Vol. 1
Vintage Slide Collections From Seattle, Vol. 1
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"We're an band," says singer/songwriter Jason Trachtenburg, "We've got the market cornered. There is no band that can hold a candle to us. In that department."The Trachtenburg Family are a domestic trio (father: Jason, mother: Tina PiƱa & 12-year-old daughter Rachel), who play quirky indie pop songs in the key of unironic good, clean fun with one major catch: All the songs carefully rhyming lyrics come from the vintage slide collections theyve found at estate or garage sales that accompany their performances. Whats more, from their retro fashion sense to their disavowal of modern conveniences, the Trachtenburgs are a charming relic: a vintage throwback to simpl... read more