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What The Fuck You Gonna Do Game Burn Rubber Pt. 2 Mentor (feat. Problem) The Bitch Sucks Dick Wild Wild West Pimp Me Blow The Whistle Broke Bitch Pull Them Panties Down My Dick My Sack In The Oaktown Don't Fuck For Free Don't Fight The Feeling Way Too Real Hoes Fuck My Car Shake That Monkey 16 Hoes Baller Call Her A Bitch F.U.C.K.Y.O.U. Gangstas & Strippers Get Off The Stage I Like It I Want Your Girl It Ain't Over It's Time To Go Keep Bouncin' (Street) Money Maker Nothing Feels Better Pimpin' Forever Playa Sadity Shake It Baby Shittin' On 'Em Sophisticated Strip Down This My One The Ghetto Coming Up Short Buy You Some I Don't Stop Rappin Short Rap Blowjob Betty Players Keep Fuckin' Me Little Girls Don't Fight The Intro What's A Pimp Just Like Dope Pimp Life Only The Strong Survive It's All Good What She Gonna Do Pimp The Ho This How We Eat Funk Session Ain't Nuthin But A Word To Me Life Is Too Short Slink Capone: Nation Riders I Wanna Pimp You Hoe Mack Attack All My Bitches Are Gone Lil' Shorty Don't Ever Give Up Candy Paint Don't Even Stop Badwayz: Don't Trust Her Don't Hate The Player Intro: Shorty The Pimp U Stank Sample The Funk Cali-o Here We Go (j.d. Remix) What Happened To The Groupies I Luv Step Daddy Never Talk Down Girl Thangs Change Set Up She Loves Her Somethin To Ride To Dead Or Alive Fire Longevity It's A Cold Day (the Funk Wit U Nix) You Might Get G'eed In The Trunk Triple X Analyze The Game Pimp Shit You Nasty I'm A Player Get That Cheese I Must Confess Get It From Here To New York Can I Hit It Where They At The Dangerous Crew Chase The Cat Can I Get A Bitch Burn Rubber Punk Bitch Couldn't Be A Better Player More Freaky Tales Cusswords Lollypops I Want That Be My Dirty Love I Want To Be Free (that's The Truth) How Does It Feel Female Players 2 Bitches Can't Stay Away Oakland California Gotta Get Some Lovin' Rhymes Playboy Short Call Me Daddy Baby D Nation Riders Anthem Late Night Creep Ain't No Bitches Ain't Nuthin Like Pimpin It's Alright Domestic Violence Old School Dope Fiend Beat Call Me Can't Stop I'm Pimpin' Coke Dealers Money In The Ghetto No Love From Oakland These Are The Tales Pimpology She Know Paystyle Get In Where You Fit In Gettin' It Nasty Rhymes I Ain't Trippin It's Your Life Freaky Tales Player For Life Talkin' Shit All The Time Short Dog's In The House Paula & Janet Take My Bitch Rap Like Me Good Life In The Studio Leave It Alone I Ain't Nothin But A Dog Still Strugglin' Oakland I Know You Love Her Tell The Feds City Of Dope That's Why Hard On A Bitch Survivin' The Game Cocktales Just Anotha Day It Don't Stop Looking For A Dollar Nobody Does It Better I Need A Freak You Know What I Mean Everytime I'm Wit It Recognize Game Hoochie We Do This Female Funk Anything Is Possible Short But Funky Invasion Of The Flat Booty Bitches Bad Ways It's About That Money Givin Up The Funk Top Down Still Blowin' The Old Fashioned Way So You Want To Be A Gangster I Wanna Do It International Player California Girls A Pimp's Theme Music Hard On The Boulevard That's How It Goes Down Partytime That's Right You Can't Fuck With Us Porno Bitch Bitch I'm A Pimp Hey Let's Go Choosin' Don't Act Like That Hobo Hoeing Get Ya Money I'm Gone Short Short So Watcha Sayin' Married To The Game Quit Hatin' Pt. 1 Bancroft Whatcha Got No Time For That Mercy Burn Rubber On A Bitch All Bitches Aint Women Me And Ya Momma Information Bigger Than The Both Of Us Pimp School Off And On (feat. Lexy Pantera) Typhoon
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Todd Anthony Shaw (born April 28, 1966 in South Los Angeles, California), better known by his stage name Too $hort, is an American rapper and actor. Through his music, Too $hort has cultivated a persona of a no-nonsense pimp, and is widely credited for popularizing pimp culture in hip hop, along with Snoop Dogg, Ice-T and Slick Rick. In 1983, Too $hort released his first album, Don't Stop Rappin', and he has since released sixteen more albums with each experiencing average sales of around 600,000 copies in the United States alone.... read more