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Onkel Tom Angelripper (born in Gelsenkirchen, Germany on 19.2.1963, real name - Thomas Such, favourite beer - "Diebels Alt", local german beer), the voice of renown Sodom at his best, singing about beer, schnapps (or, let us say, booze) and other fun stuff like that. His music is strictly less heavy than Sodom's (it combines metal, some elements of punk as well as waltzes, folk songs, such as "Greensleeves" and "In Heaven There is No Beer" and many more), but anyway he manages to bring a great deal of drive to his fans.The story tells, that the idea of making up such a band came to Tom all of a sudden, when he and his friends were sitting in a pub, sipping beer and singing german beer songs. Onkel T... read more
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