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Tales of Terror
Tales of Terror
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Tales of Terror was a Sacramento hardcore punk band which was active from 1982 until 1984. They released a self-titled LP in 1984 on the label CD Presents. The LP is rare, and no CD version has been released. Tales of Terror is also featured on "Skate Rock 2" comp LP (Thrasher, 1984); "Rat Music for Rat People V2" comp LP (CD Presents, 1984); and on "Them Boners Be Poppin' comp LP (Boner Records, 1995). That compilation includes Tales' songs "Danant", "Texas Against the World" and "LSD for Africa." Tim Yohannon reviewed "Tales of Terror" for Maximum Rock and Roll in 1984. He wrote: "Totally drunken, power-chord punk rock, folks. It's straight out of the DEA... read more