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The Triptic
The Triptic
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Sweet Noise - polish music group formed in 1990, playing hard rock with elements of metal and electronic music, and lately alternative metal. Band is also using synthetisers and turntables. The band released several CD and appeared at the Przystanek Woodstock festival.Sweet Noise most recently consists of Piotr Glaca Mohamed - vocals, Tomasz Kostek Kościelny - DJ, Vahan Bego - stage design. Past members are Tomasz Magic Osiński - guitar (1991-2007), Henry Tod - bass (2000-2005), Krzysztof Docent Raczkowski - drums (2005), Mikołaj Emef Fajfer - vocals (2002-2003), Tomasz Balbina Maćkowiak - drums (1990-1997), Bartłomiej Fido Czerniachowski - drums (1997-1999), Maciej Ślepy Głuchowski - drums (1999-2001), Tomasz DEM Molka - drum.. read more