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Born Vinny Sosa on April 19, 1988, the underground rapper SosMula spent his nascent years in the favelas of São Paulo where he was given a rude introduction to the world. Immigrating to America in 1990 at the age of 2, Mula started a tumultuous state-to-state shuffle before eventually settling in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Mula’s sound developed in these new stomping grounds, fusing the dexterous slant-rhyme style of NYC rappers with the fiery spirit of the Spanish Harlem.The transformation from Vinny Sosa to SosMula began in high school. Rapping by the tenth grade, his friends took notice and dubbed the emergent emcee “Sos.” Surrounded by hard living, Sos was extremely motivated for success. The desire to better himself and his family gr... read more