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Influences: black, trash, progressive, heavy, gothicThe band was formed in September 2004 under the name “Skollium” by Carlos Mora (bass guitar), Ricardo Mora (vocals), Bosco Lacayo (guitar), Esteban Monge (drums) and Cesar “Legion” Diaz (guitar). At first, the band lacked a defined gender; though, influenced mainly by Heavy, Trash and Hardcore Metal. Later on, in 2005, due to personal reasons the original line-up was modified: Juan “Sadiash” Gallardo replaced Bosco Lacayo, “Legion” replaced Ricardo Mora in the vocals and the band remained conformed by only 4 members. From this point forward the band’s name changes to Rotten Souls and a new path of a heavier, more elaborate Metal is taken. In addition, the members adopt their aliases... read more