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Just a Point of View
Just a Point of View
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There is more than one artist with this name:1. The Rivets were the third large band of the Starclub in Hamburg next to The Rattles and The Lords. They were founded in in 1962 and from 1963 to 1967 they represented Beat in Hamburg. Band members were Raimund ( Raimi) Seidl, Henner Hoier, Jens Engelhardt ( P.H. Jackson ), Henry Buttgereit and Rolf Nieke. When Rolf Nieke had to serve his military duty, Michael (Kuno) Dreysse took his place in the band.Later, Raimund Seidl, Henry Buttgereit, Rolf Nieke left The Rivets and founded „The Shouts“ together with Peter Meissner . And Kuno went on to become managing director of the Starclub in Hamburg in 1969. Since 1995, he's hosting his own music show.Henner Hoier went on to be par... read more