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Dreaming With the Dead
Dreaming With the Dead
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Ripping Corpse was a New Jersey based death/thrash metal band formed in 1987. They released 4 demos: Death Warmed Over in 1987, Splattered Remains in 1989, Glorious Depravity in 1990 and Industry in 1992( has it incorrectly titled as untitled) as well as one full length Dreaming With The Dead which was released in 1991. Dreaming with the Dead is widely regarded as an old school death metal classic by critics and genre enthusiasts alike, and is praised for its sinister mood, harsh vocals and complex yet focused songwriting and musicianship. Erik Rutan then went on to Morbid Angel and several of the other members formed Dim Mak whose debut album was engineered by none other than Erik Rutan himself. The band recorded a final thre... read more