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New American Etiquette
New American Etiquette
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“Our idea was to be a rock band, a rock band without guitars.”Two days before Hurricane Katrina slammed the South-coast, Sam Anselmo and Noah Danos of the Tech-Rock duo Reception Is Suspected, were ignoring the weather warnings and feverishly finishing their debut album. “We had a to get it to Jeff Lipton (Peerless Mastering) that week but knew we would at least be loosing power for a couple days.” Having recently moved their studio from New Orleans to Baton Rouge the boys felt safe from the brunt of the storm. So with a house full of evacuees “The New American Etiquette” was finished.The album’s sound is massive. Imagine the power of Bonham’s drums, mixed with the childlike melodies of Kraftwerk, and run through a nasty Big Muff Dis... read more