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Stronger Than Steel
Stronger Than Steel
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PROPHANITY is a Swedish black/death metal bandMathias "Farbaute" Järrebring & Christer "Grendel" Olsson formed PROPHANITY late -91 under a different name. It was hard to find a permanent rehearsalplace and members. It was not until -93 when the line-up was completed by Anders "Wouthan" Malmström things started to happen.During -94 PROPHANITY released 2 demos, "Demo #1" & "Messenger of the Northern Warrior Host" which recieved a great response in the underground. An 7" EP, "I Vargens Tecken (In the Sign of the Wolf)", was also released as a collaboration between V.O.D. and Sorrowmoon in -95.Next year was a bad year as the equipment was stolen and... read more
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