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Love Marginal - Single
Love Marginal - Single
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Printemps is a mini idol group under μ’s. The group consists of three members, namely Kousaka Honoka, Minami Kotori, and Koizumi Hanayo. In the anime, the group was formed by drawing lots.In real life, the group was formed in phases:In March 2011, the three unit leaders, Kousaka Honoka, Sonoda Umi and Ayase Eli were revealed with this key visual. People were then given five sets of possible unit compositions, and asked to vote for which members should belong in each leader's sub-unit.In April 2011, the new unit compositions were revealed, and people were asked to submit names for them.In May 2011, the chosen unit names were revealed. Printemps' name means "spring" in French, and is meant to symbolize their... read more