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Anthonius Gerardus Petrus (Peter) Tetteroo (Delft, 8 July 1947 - 9 September 2002) was a Dutch composer and musician. He became known in 1965 as founder of the Tee Set, along with Gerard Romeyn, Polle Eduard, Carry and Robbie Jansen Plazier. Tetteroo was the guitarist and singer in this band. In 1968 he had a top 10 hit with a solo album, his version of Red Red Wine.After the popularity of the Tee Set disappeared, around 1980, followed a period of four years which the band no longer performed. Since 1983 the band again, with Peter Tetteroo , though it was mainly nostalgic "sixties" evenings. Despite a severe liver disease Peter kept on performing until the end. He died at age 55 at his home in Delft. Peter Tetteroo w... read more