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Please Believe It
Please Believe It
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The Party of Helicopters, from Kent, Ohio, was active from 1995 to 2004. They played melodic polyphonic punk that didn't quite cross over into pop. Their lightning fast rhythms, insanely complex guitars, and off-kilter vocals intertwined to mount a pounding sonic assault on your skull.The band broke up in October of 2004. Check out their new bands:Beaten Awake (Ryan plays drums, Also features old TPOH drummer Jon Finley on vocals/guitar and Joel from Harriet the Spy on vocals/keyboards)Teeth of the Hydra (Jamie plays drums, also features Matt from Three Studies for a Crucifixion on vocals/guitar and Matt from The Lack on Bass)Houseguest (Jamie played drums for about a year. No longer in the band but they are still sweet.)Jamie also sta... read more