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Posers! (Live from Western Massachusetts)
Posers! (Live from Western Massachusetts)
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Steve Westfield (vocals and guitar) and Dave Montovani (vocals and guitar) formed the Pajama Slave Dancers in the early 1980s in Massachussetts. Influenced by the Dead Kennedys, the cassette All U Can Eat (Pajamarama, 1982) announced their zany punk-rock with the demented Defreeze Walt Disney, Farm Rap, and Scoutmasters From Hell. By the time the cassette Problems With Sects (Pajamarama, 1983) came out, the line-up had stabilized in a quintet with Dirk Futon (drums), Scott Blood (bass) and Daxe Rexford (keyboards). The first vinyl album, Cheap is Real (Pajamarama, 1984), the first single, Train Wreck on Prom Night/ Miss You (Pajamarama, 1985), the second album, Pajama Beach Party (Pajamarama, 1985), spread the rumour about this hilar... read more
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