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STR8 PIPE (feat. Lil Mollywater & Joe$ya) - Single
STR8 PIPE (feat. Lil Mollywater & Joe$ya) - Single
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One Life Crew (OLC) was a straight edge hardcore band. They originally formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1994. Though the band has had numerous members, the most notable line-up consisted of "Mean" Steve Murad (Vocals), Blaze Tishko (guitar), John "Lockjaw" Tole (bass), and Anthony "Chubby Fresh" Pines (drums). The band formed out of the ashes of Murad's former bands Confront, and Mean Streak. After releasing a series of demo tapes, the band was picked up by Victory Records and released their debut LP Crime Ridden Society on the label. The track Our Fight, which appears on Crime Ridden Society and proclaims an anti-racism message, was originally performed by Confront. Ironically, OLC has been accused by... read more