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1. Ollie - Bulgarian Pop/Punk BandBeing among the most diligent musicians in Bulgaria and led by their constant interest in the current punk and alternative scene, all members of CHVoR - Bogdan (a.k.a. Leech) Bogdanov, Svetlozar (a.k.a. Eddie) Zahariev, Dimitar (a.k.a. Jellyfish) Hadjigueorguiev, Daniel (a.k.a. Frankie) Frank and Iliya (a.k.a. Shark) Lazov, decided to establish a new project, which to call OLLIE. The band was founded in 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Besides a shortened name of Olliver, Ollie also means an aerial skateboarding trick invented by Alan Gelfand and Rodney Mullen. The name OLLIE was inspired by the serious interest of the band's founders in X sports and their wish to represent and supp... read more