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Dolorous Novella
Dolorous Novella
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The 1997 founded band consists of French St├ęphane Peudupin (Inborn Suffering, Abysmal Abhorrentia, Mislead, Fractal Gates, Lethian Dreams) and Swedish Niclas Frohagen (Forest of Shadows, Shubend). The dark doom folk metal music and depression-themed texts are in part worked out between the members over the internet. They release their music over the Haceldama Productions label, of which St├ęphane is a collaborator.Discography :"The Dark Path" - demo CD 1998 / demo tape 1999"The Cold, the Silent" - compilation CD 1999"Dolorous Novella" - album CD 2003"De Tributo Dom Sathanae" - compilation CD 2003Line-up :Niclas Frohagen : vocals, bass, keyboards, drums theoryStephane Peudupin : guitarJenny Frohagen : f... read more