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There are at least four known singers who perform under the stage name Natalia:1 - NATALIA FROM SPAIN2 - NATALIA FROM BELGIUM3 - NATALIA FROM GREECE4 - NATALIA FROM KURDISTAN1) NATALIA (SPAIN) (NATALIA RODRÍGUEZ GALLEGO)(official myspace)Natalia Rodríguez Gallego (born December 11, 1982) is the full name of the Spanish singer Natalia. She was a contestant on the successful Spanish TV show Operación Triunfo (Spanish American Idol) in 2001, where she finished 14th. In 2002, she released her highly successful album 'No soy un ángel' (I'm Not an Angel), which didn't journey out of the genre pop music. She sold about +250.000. NATALIA (BELGIUM)Natalia Druyts... read more