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Nastyona is an indie rock band from Korea.The band was formed by lead singer/Keyboardist Yona(요나),guitarist Hojin(호진),bassist Dong-jun(동준), and drummer Yong-jin(용진) in Pusan, Korea in March, 2002. In the early stages, the band caught the attention of Korean music fans and developed a small following as a result of their performance in "Ssamji Sound Festival" in October 2002. The band continued to play in the Seoul indie rock scene while preparing for their first album.The band released their first EP album "Bye Bye My Sweet Honey" through Ssamnet in April, 2004. Nastyona claims that their major influences were The Doors, Portishead, Sonic Youth, and Bjork. April 2007. Released 1st Album "아홉가지 기분"... read more