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Violet Blaze
Violet Blaze
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Nana Kitade (北出 菜奈, born May 2, 1987 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan) is a Japanese singer-songwriter. She is particularly famous for dressing and designing Gothic Lolita fashion, something that many of her fans have in common with her. Many of her songs were used as anime, TV shows, doramas and movie opening/ending/image themes.As a child, Kitade wanted to be a singer. She started learning the piano at the age of three, and wrote her own lyrics at twelve. In junior high school, she became a fan of Ringo Shiina and learned to play the guitar, traveling frequently to Tokyo for singing lessons.In February 2002 Kitade passed a Sony Music Japan audition and was chosen as the Sapporo area representative and was given the opportunity t... read more