Related Information for Nahash Nahash is occult black metal band from Kaunas, Lithuania. Started after thrash/black band Nemesis split up to Nahash and Poccolus in 1993.Nahash Line-up:Xe Xe Chax Heyatha Zhaiyrhous(Vytas) - Vocals,Guitars, Keyboards, Lyrics;Zheamoth Hazatha Flauros (Giedrius) - Guitars;Mega’on Hera Crarihus (Marius) - Bass;Sir Glasya Labolas (Sergejus) - Drums.Nahash Discography:Nocticula Hecate (Demo, 1994)(This Demo have been Re-released in 1996 by Ledo Takas Records and re-rele.. read more