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German viking/black metal from Schneeberg made by Occulta Mors (ex-Moonblood), formed in 1996. The first demo "Zeit der Wölfe" appeard in 1997, "Sturmzeitalter" in 1998 and an EP in 1999. Two split's came out in 2000 - (one with Luror and one with Surthurs Lohe, called "Brennende Stürme". The first LP "Hail Victory Teutonia" was released in 2001, second ("Doomed to Die" in 2002, third in 2003 ("Land of Frost") and the last one "As the Wolves Died" in 2005. In 2006 a boxed-set came out, including the sold-out first three albums (particulary remastered), "Transyilvanian Hunger" (Cover from Darkthrone) from the Split with SL and a DVD with the first live-appe... read more
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