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"R.E.O." and "Sweatn" (feat. Young Chyna Hill)
MoR Duran
MoR Duran
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There are at least 9 bands/artists named MOR:1) Black metal band from Belgrade (Serbia)2) Pagan/black metal band from Moscow (Russia)3) Dark ambient/pagan metal band from Murmansk (Russia)4) Punk duo with Karen Marie Ørsted (MØ) and Josefine Struckmann from Denmark5) MOR = Masters Of Rap (Justus, Fumanschu, Jack Orsen, Illo, Ronald Mack Donald, Big Derill Mack)6) MoR = Master of Ribongia (An indie IDM/Electronica project of Italian born Sound Engineer and Drummer Antonio Rossell.. read more