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Make It Sweet!
Make It Sweet!
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MilkCan are a fictional band that featured in (Japanese game development studio) NanaOn-Sha's 1999 Playstation game "UmJammer Lammy".The 'band' consisted of the game's protagonist, Lammy (guitar) and her friends Katy Kat (vocals & bass guitar) and Ma-San (drums).They have a mixture of Rock, Pop-Punk, Glam Rock (Pop-Metal which has a slight heavier sound but nothing to much heavier or very angry that can offend people with bad language), Pop-Rock, Punk-Rock, Trash Metal (Less Angry but more of a heavier sound which is known to be called Grunge-Rock instead of Trash Metal.They made songs more Cheery, Happy, Kidy (Cheesy), Rockable and mostly songs that has Pop elements in their albums.... read more