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The Mighty Nimbus
The Mighty Nimbus
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An almighty conglomerate of American Metal pedigree, The Mighty Nimbus boasted the inclusion of Sixty Watt Shaman singer Dan Soren and guitarist Minnesota Pete Campbell, the Alabama Thunderpussy and Avail credited Erik Larson on guitar, former Electric Chair Horror bassist Dinis deCarvalho and ex-Chaos Witch drummer Andy Campbell. Upfront of an appearance at the May 2004 'Emissions From The Monolith' Stoner festival the band undertook the 'Kill! Kill! Kill!' tour. With Larsen having opted out to prioritise Alabama Thunderpussy the group drafted Alex Petrovich of Mister Bones as replacement. The group cut a new album for Three Man Recordings in 2004, this including a cover of the Saint Vitus track 'Born Too La... read more