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Aces and Eights: The Best of Max Resist
Aces and Eights: The Best of Max Resist
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Max Resist is a white power RAC band originally from Detroit, Michigan formed in 1991. The early part of their career included a 7" (Traitors Beware) released on Krowbar records in 1993, two full length releases (Renegade Youth) on Resistance Records in 1995 and (Second Skin) Nordland Records in 1997, followed by the 3rd release (Keep Fighting) on the now defunct Panzerfaust Records in 2002 and the 4th release (Klymax) on the short lived Old Guard Records in 2006.The band has experienced constant lineup changes over the years, and lead singer Sean Suggs is the only remaining original member. Suggs has been featured on several documentaries covering white power music, including a Scottish documentary simply titled "Hate Roc... read more