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Mako is a name of at least eight artists: A romanisation of まこ, a mononym of a Tokyo, Japan singer-songwriter, maraca player and seiyuu / seiyū (声優) 桜井 真子 (b. Tokyo - romanised Mako Sakurai). Her solo releases include EP アイスキャンディー (Aug 2005). Formerly with Friends, now wirh Bon-Bon Blanco and she sang the opening theme for the anime Kami-sama wa Chuugakusei/KamiChu!.Sakurai has repeatedly guested with I've (アイヴ)'s Ive Girls compilations. She débuted with I've-backed track Never Forget This Time and two others, on Verge (Jul 2000, I've Sound). Her latest is Level Octave (Aug 2012).Sakurai's other tracks on Verge are "bite on the bullet -under mellow style-" (aka Bite on the Bullet and &quo... read more