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Lost Horizons
Lost Horizons
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Luca Turilli’s Dreamquest was a power metal band led by Italian musician Luca Turilli, known for his work in the band Rhapsody of Fire. Luca Turilli’s name was added to the Dreamquest title to avoid confusion with a little-known French band. Turilli developed the band after many years of work with Rhapsody of Fire and his solo album trilogy. Turilli plans to utilize the band to focus on his ability on the keyboard, as his previous two projects mainly demonstrated his talent on the guitar and drums as well. Turilli will only play keyboard in the band. The guitar parts are handled by Rhapsody of Fire session member Dominique Leurquin, and the same rhythm section for Turilli’s solo band (Sascha Paeth on bass guitar and Robert Hunecke-Rizzo on... read more
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