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Les années Barclay
Les années Barclay
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Les Poppys are a group of 17 french boys who were famous in Europe during the 70's and the war in Viet Nam for their songs denouncing war and violence caused by the grow-ups, and celebrating love and peace.Les Poppys came from a boys choir founded in Asnières-sur-Seine in 1946 and directed by Jean Amoureux: Les Petits Chanteurs d'Asnieres.Francois Bernheim, former singer in the group Les Roche-Martin and artistic director for the record company Barclay, discovered Les Petits Chanteurs d'Asnières in 1970 and decided to create a group called 'Les Poppys', named after the word 'Pop Music'.17 boys from the choir were then selected and recorded their first single: 'Noel 70'. The s... read more