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What Remains
What Remains
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There are 3 bands called Kulturkampf:1. A UK anarcho-punk band active from 1982-1985. Released "The Struggle" and "The Corpse of Bureaucracy" cassette demos in 1983 as well as having tracks featured on cassette compilations like "A Potential Migrane" (1985), "Give Peace A Chance (1985)" and "Eject It" (1984). In 1982, a band called Sub-Zeros split into two different bands. One was Societies Vultures which only lasted until sometime in 1983. Guitarist/vocalist Andy Burden of that band eventually moved to Sunderland and formed the Famous Imposters. The other band, was named Kulturkampf (meaning 'struggle for civilization') which consisted of brothers Mark and Carl Wr... read more