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Keita Tachibana, born in Fukuoka, Japan on 16 December 1985, is a Japanese musician. He is the lead singer of the jpop boy band w-inds. and is also very involved with their dance sequences.He got his big break when he won the 2000 ASAYAN Idol Contest, beating over 80,000 contestants for the top spot. He joined forces with two dancers from Sapporo, Ryuichi Ogata and Ryohei Chiba, to form their very popular J-Pop band, w-inds..He is extremely famous for his extraordinary vocal range - he can hit notes 6-8 chords higher than the average male.He also has a very large fan-base for his looks. In his spare time, he enjoys playing rounds of pool or soccer. He is also capable of playing various musical instruments; piano, guitar and bass guit... read more