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There are three artists/groups called Kaito. A now defunct English indie band, KaitO, an electronic music producer Kaito, real name Hiroshi Watanabe, and a software product Vocaloid Kaito. Japanese electronic music producer Hiroshi Watanabe has released records on german label Kompakt under the name Kaito since 2001. A longer profile is availiable at the page for Hiroshi Watanabe. There is a complete discography @ discogs. Watanabe has also released material under the names QUADRA, Tread, nite system, and 32 Project.Indie band KaitO (also called Kaito UK) hailed from Norwich in the UK. Their music is comprised of loud, pop-punk melodies combined with a unique mix of guitar effects. They released two albums, You've Seen Us ...You Must... read more