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Truly Outrageous: A JEM and the Holograms Tribute
Truly Outrageous: A JEM and the Holograms Tribute
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Jem and the Holograms is a fictional all-girl rock band from the 1980's cartoon series Jem.Jerrica Benton, the heiress of Starlight Music, adopts the alter ego of Jem with the help of Synergy, a holographic computer designed to be the ultimate visual entertainment synthesizer built by her father, who left it to her on his death.The other Holograms are Kimber Benton, Jerrica's younger sister, keyboardist and main songwriter for the band; Aja Leith, guitarist; and Shana Elmsford, who plays the synth drums. Aja and Shana are also childhood friends and adopted foster sisters of Jerrica and Kimber. Shana briefly left the group in a two-part episode called "The Talent Search", where a new character, Carmen "Raya" Alo... read more