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Francis' Lonely Nights
Francis' Lonely Nights
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Janove Ottesen (born Jan Ove Ottesen, 27 August 1975) is a singer-songwriter from Bryne, Rogaland, Norway. Together with his childhood friend, Geir Zahl, he founded the alternative rock band Kaizers Orchestra, for which he serves as the band's frontman and primary composer, and occasionally plays guitar, piano, and the pump organ. Ottesen and Zahl formed several other bands before Kaizers Orchestra became a success, and Ottesen has also formed several solo projects. Aside from being a performer, Ottesen has also served as producer for the studio recordings of Kaizers Orchestra, as well as those of other performers such as Micke from Sweden, Modan Garu, and Britt-Synnøve Johansen.After playing with Geir Zahl as part of the two-pi... read more
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