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J.Reyez was born in South Korea but was raised in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is 17 years old but has more lyrical talent than other mature rappers in the game. Growing up, J.Reyez listened to rap/hiphop artists such as 2Pac, Rakim, Wu-Tang, Biggie, among other great lyricists. It wasn't just the artists that attracted his ear, it was more of how the songs were put together; engineering and production wise and as well as the lyrics that were being spoken in the track(s). Growing up in Hamilton, life wasn't easy for J.Reyez but he kept his hopes high and worked his way through, doing what he had to do. Why the name? J.Reyez is pronounced J.Rise. The J stands for the initial of his first name and the Reyez (Rise) stand... read more