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Alerta (feat. Funkero) - Single
Alerta (feat. Funkero) - Single
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Based on their headquarters in Lapa, the most famous bohemian neighbourhood in Rio, place of artists with the commom aim of making different things, Mc Aori and DJ Babao have the perfect substract for their experiences in opening new doors to hip hop.Their contribution to the renewal of hip hop music started in 2000, when they organized their first freestyle battles. Since then Aori has been MCing for Marcelo D2 and Babao spinning records for Rappa, two big labs for their researchs.Into the Inhuman world, you'll find everyday superheroes, international conspiracies, hackers, politicians, mad scientists and malandros, crazy bits of old films, samples of umbanda chants and a lot else.The beats are unusual, they add pattern and texture... read more