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WarningEmbraced By The Unholy Powers Of Death And DestructionNocturnal Gatherings And Wicked RitesCrepuscular Battle HymnBefore The Symbol Of Satan We Vow And PraiseUpon The Fire Winged DemonOf Blood And Darkness We Are BornCosmic Invocation RitesAstral Path To Supreme MajestiesDesolate Funeral ChantOminous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical MacrocosmCommand Of The Dark CrownThrough The Infinite Sphere Our Majesty Shall RiseStrike Of The Morning StarAcross The Abyss Ancient Horns GrayWhere Darkness Is Lord And Death The BeginningOpen LetterDoubting ThomasGreta Brinkman Vs. The CityWe Got A BombHotel X (idle Kids Part. 2)BulletproofFuseUproarPulseCopsongStrike AnywhereMuteHymn For A Dead StarNefarious Dismal OrationsImpaled By The Cryptic Horns Of BaphometAncient Monumental War HymnEnshrouded By The Cryptic Temples Of The CultSolitary Death In The Nocturnal WoodlandsWhispering In Tears Of BloodVisions Of The Pagan LordUnholy Magic AttackThose Of The NightThe InitiationSummoned By Ancient Wizards Under A Black MoonMighty Wargod Of The TemplarsJourney To InfernukeorrekaIncense Of RestHail The CultEncounter In The Deep ShadowsMagnificent Glorification Of LuciferImperial Hymn For Our Master SatanKill With HateDark Mutilation RitesThe Realm Of Shadows Shall Forever ReignRituals Of Human Sacrifice For Lord BaalEternal Loyalty To Our Lord SatanUnder The Black Inverted PentagramBaptized In Black Goat BloodWe Summon The Winds Of Fire (for The Burning Of All Holiness)For Lucifer My BloodHail The King Of All HeathensInvoking The Majestic Throne Of SatanCrush The Jewish ProphetInfernal Evocation Of TormentEmpire Of Luciferian Race
Related Information for Inquisition There are at least two bands with the name (Unites States - Season Of Mist Records artist) is a black metal band from Seattle, Washington USA with origins in Colombia South America where the founder, Dagon, was living at the time. The band was fully realized in 1996 when Dagon left Colombia and moved back to the United States where he met Incubus, who joined on drums that same year.This line-up has remained stable for more than fifteen years. Their sound invo.. read more