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IN PIECES developed around the core of drummer TJ Orscher and guitarists Rick Quagliaroli and Val Loper in early 2000. Following a 2-song demo tape and self-released 7-inch, “Brick Wall Stare”, In Pieces came into their own with a five song recording that originally surfaced as “A Broken Promise To Last A Lifetime” demo, recorded in the summer of 2000. The widely acclaimed demo, along with a rigorous regional live schedule, brought In Pieces to the forefront of the Northeast hardcore scene opening for the likes of HATEBREED, SHAI HALUD, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, CAVE IN, and others. The 5-song recording would later be re-released as a split full length with CRAIG titled How To Make A Human Heart on Purity Records in early 2001... read more