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Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip
Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip
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Hog Molly was a Seattle-based heavy rock band, formed by Tad Doyle in 2001 after the breakup of his previous band TAD. However, unlike Doyle's previous band which dealt almost exclusively in recycled 70s heavy metal riffs, Hog Molly's sound was closer to Motörhead than Black Sabbath. The band released only one album, 2001's 'Kung Fu Cocktail Grip' (Kool Arrow Records) which garnered favourable reviews from the rock press but after some initial publicity the band broke up quietly, with Doyle citing a lack of musical inspiration as the reason for the group's untimely demise. Doyle went on to form a group named Hoof, who have yet to release anything at the time of writing (April 2005), and the other... read more